About Us

The Assured Investment Management® platform was established in 2019 through the acquisition of BlueMountain Capital Management, LLC by a subsidiary of Assured Guaranty Ltd. (NYSE: AGO®), a leading financial guaranty insurance company. Prior to the transaction, BlueMountain built a long record of success managing credit-focused investments, dating back to 2003, and now ranks among the largest global managers of collateralized loan obligations. The resulting investment platform combines Assured Guaranty’s core competencies in municipal finance and structured credit with BlueMountain’s experience in structured finance, corporate and municipal credit, asset-based securities, and private investments in healthcare.

Our Approach

The Assured Investment Management platform is designed to provide institutions and other qualified investors with investment opportunities based on credit-focused strategies, in-depth research and analysis, and robust risk management processes.

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Year established

Assets (Jun 30, 2020)

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Our core values – collaboration, integrity, transparency and excellence – drive our pursuit of outstanding results for investors and sustain a satisfying and challenging work environment for our team members.

01 Collaboration

We believe strongly in the power of collaboration. It is our view that cognitive diversity and cross-firm collaboration lead to the best outcomes for investors and the most enriching workplace. A spirit of collaboration is an important determinant of our colleagues’ success, and we reward those who embody this trait.

02 Integrity

As we grow, we are focused on preserving and institutionalizing the distinct culture that we believe gives us our competitive advantage. There are many attributes that create an organization’s culture. We can boil ours down to one word: Integrity. We demand that our employees conduct themselves with the highest standards of honesty, fairness, social responsibility and principled conduct.

03 Transparency

We measure ourselves against three straightforward criteria: delivering sustainable risk-adjusted returns that meet or exceed investor expectations; maintaining high-integrity risk management; and providing investors with the transparency and analysis needed to make high quality decisions. To those ends, we encourage and facilitate open lines of communication among colleagues at all levels of our firm, and with clients, counterparties, regulators, and other market participants.

04 Excellence

We are committed to the highest standards of quality across all parts of our organization: investing, risk management, operations, technology, finance, legal, human capital, and client services. This commitment is embedded in our character. We are passionate about excellence in every aspect of our business. Preserving our culture of integrity requires that we clearly communicate and model the core principles; thoughtfully design incentives, frameworks, and policies; carefully hire and integrate new people; and smartly leverage technology to support our goals.

In 2003, BlueMountain was founded to take advantage of opportunities driven by the rapid evolution of the credit markets. The firm’s strategic focus on credit-based investments, powered by deep research and analysis and robust risk management, continues today through the Assured Investment Management® platform.


Companies that would later form the principal insurance companies within the Assured Guaranty group are established and begin providing financial guaranty insurance and reinsurance in the U.S. municipal bond and global structured finance and infrastructure finance markets, creating the foundation of Assured Guaranty’s core competencies: understanding credit markets and risk management.


  • BlueMountain opens its doors with 12 employees and 21 investors.
  • Flagship Credit Alternatives strategy launches with $300 million and a focus on relative value credit.
  • Assured Guaranty Ltd. is established as a holding company for its insurance subsidiaries and, in April 2004, lists its common shares on the New York Stock Exchange.


  • BlueMountain’s CLO business launches.
  • The “Credit Correlation Crisis” sparks market dislocation; BlueMountain responds with several opportunistic customized client accounts.
  • Opens London office to pursue European credit investing.


  • Asset-based investing strategy introduced.


  • Healthcare strategy launched.


  • Municipal Bonds strategies launched.


  • Assured Guaranty Ltd. subsidiary acquires BlueMountain to establish a credit-focused investment management platform.


  • Assured Investment Management brand is adopted for the investment platform.